Preservation and Dissemination of Information on Yoruba Cultural Heritage through Music

By: Kehinde Ogunbote  

The Yoruba popular music culture started in the 1920s through the rise of musicians of the highlife genre. By the early 1970s, the Yoruba popular music culture had been widened to the extent that six different genres of Yoruba popular music had become outstanding. One major problem of contemporary African societies is the erosion of traditional culture. The contact with European culture and ways of life dealt a fatal blow to the traditional culture of African societies. As a result of this, one major preoccupation of the post-independent society in Africa is cultural revival. With this, they intend to get the African person to jettison the foreign cultural practices and embrace the traditional African cultural practices. This paper enumerates upon and evaluates the extent to which Facebook groups and pages are contributing to the revitalisation, documentation, conservation, and dissemination of information on Yoruba language and culture. This will be done by evaluating the volume and relevance of the cultural content of the various Facebook groups which focus on Yoruba customs and institutions, determine the status and spread of the membership of those groups, and evaluate the information received and knowledge gained through the activities of the groups. The information received and knowledge gained will be determined by evaluating the responses, reactions, comments, and conclusions of the members of the groups through their posts on the walls of the groups.

Culture Heritage Information
Communications and Linguistic Studies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Kehinde Ogunbote

Mrs. Kehinde Ogunbote is the Acting Polytechnic Librarian at the Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu Igbo, Nigeria