Horizon of Ethnic Expectation

By: Somayeh Karimi   Alireza Hassanzadeh   Alireza Hassanzadeh  

One of the factors that shape individual and collective identity is experience. Members of an ethnic group during their daily life are involved in different forms of ethnic experience. These experiences are mainly defined and redefined according to the dominant norms and values of the society, ethnic intellectuals, and the media. In Iran, the ideological confrontation and clash between the ethnic culture of the first and second Pahlavi dynasties (1926-1979) culminated in rising sensitivity about folk/ethnic art. On the other hand, after the revolution, the war with Iraq imposed by Saddam Hussein together with a monological discourse of ideology led to the backwardness of ethnic art originating in rural areas compared to the modernity of urban art in Gilan province. In this part of Iran, a contradiction exists between ethnic elites and commoners in their perceptions of ethnic identity. While ethnic intellectuals overemphasize a textual form of ethnic identity and invented ethnic traditions and rituals, the common people disregard these forms in favor of lived experience. This paper opens a new field of discussion under the lens of the idea of horizon of ethnic expectation.

"Ethnic Identity", " Ethnic Experience", " Horizon of Expectation", " Gilan"
Critical Cultural Studies
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Somayeh Karimi

Assistant Professor at Asian Cultural Documentation Center for Unesco-Tehran,Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies.

Alireza Hassanzadeh

-, -, Goethe University, Germany
Hessen, Germany

Alireza Hassanzadeh.Higher education: B.A in Social science and M.A in Anthropology. Publications, Books: "Alive Legends ,24 Anthropological Articles on Iranian Folktales" by Boghe Publication, 2000."Woman and culture" as scientific editor.This book includes 47 articles in commemoration of Margaret Mead published in 2001 by Ney Publication."Iranian Anthropology ,challenges and contestations" ,as scientific editor in 2008 published by anthropological study center .Translation of "Anthropology Of Sport" in 2008 published by anthropological study center ."Food and Culture" a collection of articles in 2009 as editor, published by Mehrnamag Publication.Also many anthropological articles that I wrote and published in Iranian anthropological and ethnological scientific magazines.PhD student at Goethe University.

Alireza Hassanzadeh

director f Anthropological Research Center since 2014, ARC, RICHT