“Sometimes I Don’t Know What to Say...”

By: Louise Jenkins   Renee Crawford  

Socially inclusive practices in teacher education have become a necessity with the increasing enrollment of international students in Australian universities. Whilst this provides for exciting new teaching and learning opportunities it adds a layer of complexity because of the expectation for innovative, flexible, and accessible content delivery. Driven by these priorities, this case study investigates the impact of blended learning to enhance the international student experience in tertiary education classes. A semi-structured focus group interview was used in this case study as the primary data and was triangulated by classroom observations and researcher journals. Initial results have indicated that blended learning enhanced the international pre-service teacher’s skills, knowledge, and overall classroom experience. Primary themes suggest that the balance of face-to-face and online learning platforms created flexible opportunities for the pre-service teachers to synthesise and consolidate information learned in class. This included increased peer collaboration, building a sense of community and developing an appreciation for the sharing of resources.

"Pre-service Teacher Education", " Socially Inclusive Practices", " Blended Learning"
Humanities Education
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Louise Jenkins

Senior Lecturer, -, Monash University, Australia

Louise Jenkins is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, Australia. As a sociologist and a performing arts practitioner, Louise's particular focus is on the development of music and drama as tools to support social inclusion for culturally diverse schools. Louise uses blended learning and team teaching to frame her approach to teaching and this is underpinned by pedagogy which reconsiders the role of the teacher and the student in the classroom to facilitate student-centred learning.

Dr. Renee Crawford

Dr, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia
Victoria, Australia

Dr Renée Crawford is a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator for Graduate Research in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. She is also a Research and Evaluation Consultant. Her diverse reserach includes the philosophy, impact and pedagogy of using technology in education and music education; holistic and authentic teaching and learning practice; blended learning; tecahing and learning models; curriculum development and analysis; composition in the classroom; the impact of the Arts and Music engagement in education from a sociological and intervention perspective; the role of the teaching artist in contemporary education. Renée had the privilege of managing and conducting research on high profile national research projects that responded to government agenda priorities. This work was done in collaboration with institutions such as The University of Melbourne, Victoria University, Australian Council of Education Research and Educational Transformations. The significant impacts of such projects has resulted in a deeper understanding about the importance of teacher led research and how the outcomes can change policy and practice. Her musical interests that continue to influence her teaching are in composition, film music, minimalism, the analysis of contemporary Australian music and the use of digital technology in music.