Discovering the Creative Impulse

By: Harold Popp  

This paper introduces procedures and materials to assist individuals in discovering their own creativity through the interdisciplinary arts. All humans need to be involved in the creative process. Involvement in the interdisciplinary arts can explore relationships extant within the creative arts. This study researched a plethora of concepts on the creative process and its significance; research was the basis for the practical application. A university course was developed and taught at two universities over an extended time. Considerable success resulted through responses by students and professors. The course continues to be highly successful. The process (procedures) used in the course is its primary strength; content can be flexible. The approach is non-traditional but is devised to draw upon human nature/potential relating to the creative process. The success with the course, procedures, and materials developed needs to be broadly shared for future success as it impinges on creative thinking and assisting in individuals' creative expressions. This can lead to life-fulfilling processes.

"Discovering", " Self-creativity", " Process"
Humanities Education
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Harold Popp

Adjunct Professor, Jacobs School of Music, Currently, Indiana University, United States
Indiana, United States

Harold Popp, Music Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor, has spent a lifetime involved in the world of the arts--as an author, composer, conductor, editor, educator, and trombone]ist. His desire is to share the world of creativity, encouraging individuals to discover their unique voices to express their inner selves, reaching an increased level of fulfillment. His five degrees in music and fifty+ years in higher education have been marked by an insatiable drive to share the creativity of the arts with others.