Chinese as the Second Language Elementary Learners’ Reading Anxiety

By: Xiaohui Sun   Shaoqian Luo  

This paper reports a case study that explores Chinese as the second language (CSL) elementary learners’ reading anxiety. Two CSL elementary learners named Nana from Britain and Yaya from Ecuador were chosen as research participants and lived experience descriptions, think-aloud methods, retrospective interviews, field observations, and research journal writings were used to investigate the sources of CSL elementary learners’ reading anxiety and the ways used to reduce their reading anxiety. The data were analyzed by using Moustakas’ data analysis procedure, Creswell’s three steps, and Bogdon and Biklen’s data analysis methods. Results indicated that CSL elementary learners do have reading anxiety in their reading process and the sources of their reading anxiety include cross-linguistic differences between English and Chinese expressions, lack of previous knowledge, difficult and complex vocabulary, wrong guess, and difficult comprehension. They try to use ways like looking up the dictionary, guessing, understanding two character words based on the meaning of one character, skipping and keeping reading, and using the previous knowledge to predict the rest of the text to reduce their reading anxiety. This study provides the deep theoretical and pedagogical implications in the field of CSL reading learning and teaching.

"CSL Elementary Learners’ Reading Anxiety", " Sources", " Ways to Reduce Anxiety"
Communications and Linguistic Studies
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Dr. Xiaohui Sun

Reasearcher, Foreign Language, Beijing Normal University, China
-, China

My interests are focused on second language acquisition and foreign language teacher education.

Dr. Shaoqian Luo

Professor, School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Beijing Normal University, China
Beijing, China

Ph.D. in Applied English Linguistics (CUHK) and professor in the School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Beijing Normal University. Her latest publication is Re-examining Factors that Affect Task Difficulty in TBLA by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press (2009). She was one of the key members in drafting the Standards of Teacher Education for Primary and Secondary Schools (STEPSS, Ministry of Education, 2005-2010). Her research interests include task-based teaching and learning, language assessment and teacher development.