Shaping Students’ Learning Approach Through Design Studio

By: Haifa Al Khalifa   Dr. Reem Sultan  

In the Arabian Gulf, universities providing undergraduate degrees in interior design education claim that they are following the emerging concepts and trends of educational design process. School of architecture and design in the region to some extent are detached from the international debate and trends adopted by the international design community. The University of Bahrain established the interior design program in 2002, and since then the department of Architecture and Interior Design has continuously revised and reflected on the curriculum and the way of teaching, particularly on the design studio courses, including the briefs of the projects. This paper investigates the pedagogy of interior design courses - from the view of the faculty. The focus of this research is to explore the students’ development of their learning experience in three different design courses through tracking their drawings techniques and design thinking from the early stages of their studio design courses, commencing from the courses of Basic Design and Design One to Design Three. It is also involves examining the different learning approaches adopted by the faculty members who are participating in teaching and developing courses for the interior design program.

Pedagogy, Design Studio, Design Courses, Faculty, Students’ Perception, University of Bahrain
Design Education
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Haifa Al Khalifa

I am Assistant Proffesor in The Department of Architecture & Interior Design in University of Bharin. My research interests lies in the fields of History of Islamic Architecture, Heritage built environment of the Arabian Gulf region and Design Education.

Dr. Reem Sultan

Graduate Assistant, University of Bahrain , Bahrain