Concept Derivation and Processing in Interior Design Education

By: Buthayna Eilouti  

It is widely reported that one of the most challenging phases in design processing is the concept derivation one. Both educators and students in higher education often consider concept formation to be very difficult. For them, the difficulty is more amplified by the lack of clear designing process. This paper provides experience-based insights on systematic conceptualization and processing of interior design. The research methodology is based on action research where the framework presented and discussed has been applied and developed in multiple interior design studios. The framework aims to facilitate innovation in problem-solving and design products. It is intended to stimulate sharing other experiences in similar circumstances. Examples of student products are illustrated and discussed. Findings about framework development and implementation are reported and explored.

Design Conception, Concept Generation, Systematic Design, Composition Principles, Design Education
Design Education
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Buthayna Eilouti

Prfofessor, Architecture, Prince Sultan University

Have Ph.D., M.Sc., M.Arch.degrees in Architecture from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,USA. Research interests include design studies and computing, Shape grammars, Islamic architecture and visual studies