Emergence of Mass Craft Production in Industrial Design

By: Simrandeep Saini  

India is home to the largest concentration of tribal people in the world. This population includes good craftsmen who are adept in making handicrafts using locally available resources. These localized handicraft sector in various pockets of the state are being transformed into livelihood opportunities and the products being commercially marketed with policies, development schemes, and award systems in place by the State and Central Government post-independence from British Raj. This paper discusses the evolution of production systems with a global perspective and draws conclusions from a comparative analysis to understand the production methods. It begins with craft production or job shops and then to the conventional mass production and mass craft production systems. Towards the end it gives insight into the global market demands for handmade and machine-made products post liberalization and globalization.

Craftsmen, Handicrafts, Policies, Development schemes, Production systems,Craft production,Globalization
Design in Society
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Simrandeep Saini

Assistant Professor, Industrial design & Interior Space design, Symbiosis International University, India
Maharashtra, India

I am presently working as an Asst. professor of Interior design at Symbiosis International University with subject specialization in craft and technology and sustainable design. My core research areas are Craft production and environmental planning of Interior architectural spaces.