Religious Identities, Belonging, and Acculturation

By: Lala Aliyeva  

This research paper is dedicated to exploring the mutual influence of religion and ethnic processes in the multicultural societies of the Caucasus, which stand on secular values. Firstly, it explores transformation of religion in a new ethno-cultural environment and determines the main features of the vernacular religion, which is a product of historical process. In other words, the paper also tracks the adaptation process of religions in the Caucasus communities, both Christian and Muslim from a historical perspective. The second part of the paper considers a contemporary product of those religious and ethnic processes and their impact on identity formation. Moreover, it examines acculturation in multicultural societies of the Caucasus, as a specific type.

Identity,Belonging,Vernacular Religion,Acculturation,the Caucasus
Identity and Belonging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Prof. Lala Aliyeva

Associate Professor, History, Baku State University

Lala A. Aliyeva, Ph.D. in History, is an Associate Professor of Baku State University, Azerbaijan. Her particular are in the fields of History, Islamic Studies and Cultural Anthropology.