The Reality of Cultural Diversity in the Secondary Schooling in Kuwait

By: Ghazi Al Rasheedi  

This study explores the reality of cultural diversity and the extent to which it is accepted from the viewpoint of female teachers at Ummah Bint Khaled High School in Kuwait. It considers the challenges they face in dealing with female students of different nationalities, as well as the effective school strategies to promote cultural diversity among female students of different nationalities. In order to achieve this, a codified interview questionnaire was constructed consisting of twenty items divided into three main areas: (classroom practices, challenges, effective strategies) which measure this cultural diversity according to the nationality variable. It was distributed to fifty teachers during the second semester of 2017. The study found that: 1. Teachers show respect, fairness, equality, and non-biased practices in the classroom, reflecting their acceptance of cultural diversity; 2. The existence of simple challenges to some teachers in the problem of dialectics, as well as the degree of commitment, responsibility and academic performance among Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti students. As for effective strategies to promote the cultural diversity of female students of different nationalities, the study showed the need to bring cultures closer between Kuwaiti and non- Kuwaiti students by decorating classes in ways that represent multiple cultures of different nationalities, and the inclusion of curricula on concepts that strengthen multi-cultural awareness.

Learner, Diversity, Inclusion, Education, Nationalities, Teacher, Challenges
Education and Learning in a World of Difference
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Ghazi Al Rasheedi

Associate Professor , Social Foundations of Education, Kuwait University, College of Education , Kuwait