Diverse Workforce and Inclusive Programs

By: Jana Tikalova Tikalova  

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are considered by many companies and organisations (especially in CEE, Asia, Africa), but they often even do not understand the terms in practice. They may be considered determents, obstacles or unimportant initiative. Most challenging is to make the company open-minded to integrate D&I in the company culture and politics. My job is to give the organisation solid arguments, examples, best practices, pull the strings in different levels and ‘sell the good intention’ via numbers and profits. What the company can gain? How diverse workforce can be beneficial for employer and employees? I talk about sustainability, innovation, being competitive. I touch problems and through D&I find the right medicine. Companies need to understand D&I is not just ‘nice to have’ for quota but it is ‘a must’, especially nowadays in the global economics, politics, and migration. And it can enormously help the company in many aspects if handled holistically and systematically. Some companies we can learn from, others we need to help and this is my mission and passion. I am D&I advisor, trainer and coach. I can inspire the participants with D&I programs I have developed in organisations. I will explain D&I as a large cake where its pieces touch different people in their life cycles e.g. women on maternity, generations XYZ, employees 50+… simply D&I is not only about culture, ethnicity, gender, identity etc. I will give challenging questions such as how to approach the company to build D&I culture within?

Diversity management, Diversity workforce, Diverse company culture, Sustainability and innovation
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Jana Tikalova Tikalova

D&I Advisor, Trainer, Coach and Mentor, Self-employed, Czech Republic
Czech Republic

I have founded NGO OPIM tackling issues of diversity, interculutal learning and human rights education. My academic background is social and cultural anthropology, graduated at the University of Durham (UK), conducting research on identity and migration of Czech Roma asylum seekers in the UK. My career over 16 yrs had been in professional, personal develoment as trainer, consultant, mentor and coach. I started my career in the Council fo Europe, the Europena Commission, international NGOs and later in business. Mainly being a freelancer but also 5 years as full time in SKODA Auto and Lagardere travel retail.