Education for the Persecuted Rohingyas - Aspirations, Challenges, and Innovations

By: Faheem Hussain  

This paper explores key issues related to access to education for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. The major challenges faced by the Rohingyas in education based on field level interviews and focus group discussions in their camps near the border area of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Absence of coherent curriculum, challenges with language, lack of qualified teachers, and non-acceptance of ICTs as primary education tools for children are identified as primary challenges faced by Rohingyas. This research proposes that enabling policies and an inclusive hybrid knowledge network, emboldened by pre and in-service teacher training, inclusive religious education, standardized curriculum, and tangible employment opportunities can pave the path for a better and an educated future for the persecuted Rohingyas.

Refugee, Education, Rohingya, ICT
Education and Learning in a World of Difference
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Faheem Hussain

Faculty, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University, United States
United States