The Denunciation of Mobbing and the Resilience

By: Mara Trujillo   Fernando Lambarry  

The objective of the study is to analyze the process of denunciation and the resilience of the phenomenon from the relationship between the dissatisfaction with the complaint systems of the institution, also considering the role of family support and the perception of danger of the people who do it. The research is exploratory, and used a sample of women who had issued a complaint in a higher education institution. The dissatisfaction with the main systems that intervene throughout the resilience process was evaluated, as well as the role of danger perception and family support as from defined items. The results of this research establish that in the perception of denunciation is produced mainly in the face of the negative assessment of the institution's regulatory system a resilience that allows the complainants to get ahead.

Organizational Diversity
Poster/Exhibit Session

Mara Trujillo

ESCASTO, IPN, Professor, Mexico

Fernando Lambarry

Professor, ESCASTO, IPN, Mexico