Silent Books

By: Elena Fierli  

In 2012, we decided to find a new way to work with refugees children. In Lampedusa, where a lot of people arrive each year, we bring books. But, how could we destroy the linguistic wall of picture books? With silent books. We create a big global network, using the IBBY International net to collect silent books from all over the world and bring them in Lampedusa where no one child had never seen a library. Now the public library works for all the children of the island, Italian and other children. Each year we organise an international camp to make training, talks, and workshops with children’s books. The library is a children’s library but also an occasion to talk about intersections, gender, violence, and migration politics.

2019 Special Focus—Border Crossing Narratives: Learning from the Refugee Experience
Innovation Case Studies

Elena Fierli

trainer of teachers, gender studies , scosse