Central American Immigrants - Social and Economic Effects in Mexico of Border Crossing by Undocumented People

By: Jesus Vivanco   Martha Gonzalez   David Cabral  

Immigration in Mexico has been an important issue for a long time, especially with Central Americans. The number of people in Mexico in 2018 is 1.9 million. Economically active people (over 15 years old) is 1.2 million. The principal countries of origin are Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Based on a literature review, we detected that the treatment to women immigrants is with violence and threats from criminal gangs and they deal with representations of their otherness in Mexican territory based on that data. The return of immigrants to their countries would likely reduce the risk of themselves and at the same time it makes possible that the level of no occupied people in Mexico could be less if we didn’t have immigrants who are invading the places of work of Mexican people. The phenomenon is affecting the economy of the country based on the GDP and the social situation of the Mexican States located at the border at south of the Country, so that, it's mandatory to take actions over that situation for avoiding the cross boarding of Central American immigrants. One action that could be taken in 2019 is the investment of Mexican international enterprises like Bimbo or CEMEX in Central American Countries for to create fountains of work in their own countries like have been done in other place .

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Jesus Vivanco

Researcher and proffesor, Finance, University of Aguascalientes, Mexico
Aguascalienets, Mexico

Martha Gonzalez

proffesor and researcher , University of Aguascalientes , Mexico

David Cabral

Doctorate student, University of Aguascalientes, Mexico