Global News Relay

By: Faith Sidlow   Priya Rajasekar  

The Global News Relay is a collaborative project connecting student journalists around the world, who create a global newscast that follows a common theme. The purpose of the project is to give students real-world experience in an international news production, to improve students’ global news literacy, and to encourage cultural exchange, recognition of diverse cultures and opinions and international networking. The project has included content from universities in the U.S., U.K., Egypt, U.A.E., India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Mexico, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. Students research and create stories with a common theme. Topics have included environmental issues, homelessness, unemployment, healthy living options, animal welfare, refugees, migrant issues, public education, feminism, discrimination, human rights, food insecurity, foster care, politics, freedom of speech, service, adult education, nuclear power, and literacy. Students at each university create fifteen-minute news segments, which air during a live, seven-hour newscast. As a result of participation in the project, students met pedagogical objectives in our department’s Student Outcomes Assessment Plan. The project gives students experience producing, crewing and anchoring a live studio program and allows them to collaborate with other student journalists on a global scale and compare their work (stories and production) with that of their peers. Additionally, students learn time management, organization, and discipline. Most importantly, they learn firsthand about diverse populations, with whom they ordinarily would not interact.

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Education and Learning in a World of Difference
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Faith Sidlow

Assistant Professor, Media, Communications and Journalism, California State University, Fresno

Worked 31 years in commercial television news and public radio. Transitioned to academia in 2009. Began teaching full time as an assistant professor of broadcast journalism in 2015.

Priya Rajasekar

Lecturer, Coventry University, United Kingdom
United Kingdom