The Intent of Diversity Programs and the Promise of Inclusion Practices

By: Anthony Moore  

Within today's initiatives to create diversity, inclusion and equity, there remains the lack of real change that builds progress and synergy in the workplace. In many organizations, diversity is still very much a categorized process that identifies and stratifies team members by race, gender, and other protected classifications. In many cases, these classifications have not built the natural practices and approaches that create engagement. They also have not solved the practice of preferential selection of diverse candidates and employees, which then leaves many without opportunities. The intent of this session is to explore the promise of inclusion as a catalyst for full engagement of all employees; including white males, management, and leadership. The inclusion promise also addresses the natural inhibitors of diversity programs, i.e. bias and unconscious bias, the fear that increased diversity will diminish opportunities and most importantly the issues related to power. Participants will work through and discover effective approaches to diversity and inclusion that can be integrated into new and mature initiatives.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Synergy, Empowerment, Bias, Unconscious Bias, Micro-Inequities, Power
Organizational Diversity
Workshop Presentation

Anthony Moore

Principal and CEO, Leadership Team, Paradigm Group Consultants, LLC., United States
Pennsylvania, United States

Anthony Moore is the Founder of Paradigm Group Consultants, LLC, located in Philadelphia, PA. As the Principal and CEO of the management consulting firm, Anthony guides the change theory and consulting direction that Paradigm Group implements with its clients. Prior to the development of PGC, Anthony enjoyed a successful career with Xerox Corporation. During his tenure he held a number of marketing and senior management positions, culminating as Senior Partner and District Manager of the Philadelphia Operation. Anthony serves as the lead principal of the Talent Management and Diversity practices, building organizational competencies and strengthening organizations through diversity and leadership. He is a Temple University graduate and Wharton Executive Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.