This Is My Environment in Athens

By: Michael Robinson  

The current study, This Is My Environment (TIME) focuses on using photovoice as a methodology for instituting social change in a community that consists of African Americans of lower socioeconomic status. The study participants are males between the ages of 12 and 17. These men equipped with 35 milimeter cameras, examine their community based on the following prompts: What do I like about my community? What would I like to see changed in my community? and lastly, What changes have you noticed in your community? Their answers are illustrated with photographs. The photos will be displayed in a local art gallery and viewed by community residents and local politicians and activist. The young men will tell the story of their photographs in hope of convincing law makers that these changes are important in their community. Moreover, by working to make changes in their community the young men will develop new pride and thus a protective factor for delinquency. Additionally, this project will teach the young men how to enact social change.

African American Adolescents, Social Change, Photovoice, Community Engagement
Community Diversity and Governance
Poster/Exhibit Session

Michael Robinson

Professor, School of Social work, University of Georgia, United States
United States