Assessment of The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Business Operational Performance in Telecommunications Companies

By: Zainab Dabo  

The study seeks to assess on the effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on business operational performance in Nigeria’s telecommunication companies. The sample size was picked at random comprising of both staff and customers of four major telecommunication network providers, which was determined using the Yaro Yamane formula. The research used both primary and secondary sources of data in the course of study. Analysis using parametric regression was used since the relationship is known. Findings from the research reveal that corporate social responsibility enhances companies recognition hence performance especially when telecommunication companies carry out social responsibility activities in their host communities. The study concludes that CSR should be part of companies major activities. It is recommended that companies should increase and expand their CSR initiatives.

CSR, Telecommunication, Businesses, Performance, Activities
Organizational Diversity
Focused Discussion

Zainab Dabo

Dr, Business Administration, Kaduna State University, Nigeria

An academician with more than 13 years of teaching and research exprience in the Department of Business administration of Kaduna State University- Nigeria. Area of specialization is in finance and Managemnt. Have participated in many local and international conferences with many publications in journals of research and educational colloquium.