Navigating Moral Distress

By: Tami France   Patricia Greer   Jodi Rae Kortje  

The global landscape is fraught with increasingly complex social, political and economic forces that have created significant ethical challenges for its citizens on a macro (community), meso (organizational), and/or micro (individual) level. The presence of ethical challenges brought forward by tensions created when differences in organizational (government/business), individual, and professional values are palpable. First responders, professionals, and leaders are navigating situations where they must meet the needs and interests of those affected without violating personal and professional values. When one cannot navigate between these intersecting values, moral distress emerges. Moral distress can occur when one knows the right action to take, but is constrained from taking it. This topic is discussed offering a deeper understanding of impact within the individual, community, and (inter)national systems. Strategies from the healthcare industry are shared to enhance awareness of inclusive collaboration techniques and ultimately well-being. Having a growth and learning mindset, a vision of what collaboration means, and a plan for developing collaborative relationships are elements that shift perspectives to allow for productive outcomes in morally stressful and uncertain situations. This world of global interconnectedness presents a need to understand oneself, one’s values, and one’s triggers for moral distress. Workshop presenters bring practical ways to apply collaboration and coaching techniques as social solutions. This session begins with a short overview of moral distress and shifts to experiential group and individual exercises. Attendees will leave the session more prepared to face difficult ethical situations in turbulent times, navigating moral distress and increasing positive impact.

Moral Distress, Identity, Values, Collaboration, Inclusive Relationships, Coaching, Well-being
Identity and Belonging
Workshop Presentation

Tami France

Leadership Coach, Manager, Assistant Professor, Human Resources, Mayo Clinic, United States
United States

Patricia Greer

University College University of Denver, United States
United States

Jodi Rae Kortje

Director of Operations, Emergency, Critical Care & Medicine Services, Vancouver Health, Canada