Positive Intentions, Negative Impacts

By: Cecily Bee  

In this session, we will discuss six real-life recruitment/retention scenarios where the intention was positive but the impact was negative. Once reflections have been discussed, small groups will discuss lessons learned and come up with new ways of creating a positive impact with the same positive intention. Additional insight will be provided to help organizations, leaders, recruiter assess intentions prior to making an impact. Sample scenario is provided: Scenario #1: Organization decides to send recruiting teams to Historically Black University. Intent: To increase recruitment of diverse professionals and new grads. Impact: Organization sent two white women and two white men to the HBCU. This is a red flag to students the career fair who fear there are no professionals of color at the organization as the recruiting team is all white. Lesson Learned: Is this organization in a place to recruit diverse talent when the organization is predominantly white-males? Has the talent team built a relationship with the HBCU? Organization needs to assess internal diversity and inclusion needs prior to recruiting diverse talent.

Diversity, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Inclusion, Belonging, Psychological Safety, Authenticity
Organizational Diversity
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Cecily Bee

Diversity & Inclusion Recruiting Partner, Diversity & Inclusion, Black & Veatch, United States
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Diversity & Inclusion professional based in the Midwest region of the United States. Over the past five years, I have worked with large corporations to develop and implement diversity and inclusion recruitment initiatives on a global and local scale. In my current role, I partner with recruiting teams and business leaders to recruit and retain top, diverse talent for the organization.