The Impact of Resilience on Performance under Transformational/transactional Leadership

By: Safaa Shaban Shaban  

There is a lack in the literature and analysis of transformational and transactional leadership and their relationship with resilience and performance. This study examines resilience as one of the key dimension of transformational leadership behaviors and transactional leadership style by reviewing the literature on the two leadership styles resilience and performance. Data were collected from sample 200 middle managers/employees in the Egyptian factories (the sample were collected from a population, age 30 to 55, and middle managers have postgraduate certificates). The sample responded to survey included transformational leadership andtransactional leadership behavior scale, resilience and performance. Statics results show that resilience was a positive and significant as, predictor dimension of transformational leadership behavior. This examination relied on self-reported responses from managers and employees as a first part, the second part confirmed the statistical findings with groups of the responds groups using Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) and focuses group discussion. The obtained data for this study is demonstrated that resilience and transformational/transactional leadership behaviors confirmed by individuals employees and groups. This study adds to the empirical literature on transformational/transactional style. This paper is considered as one of the steps in experiment and intervention under implementation during 2014-2018 in the eighteen factories in Egypt.

Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Resilience, Performance, Factories in Egypt
Organizational Diversity
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Safaa Shaban Shaban

Management Professor ( postgraduate) , Arab Academy for Science, Technology& Maritime Transport