Inclusion at Work

By: Lisa Annese  

Diversity Council Australia (DCA) has been at the forefront of diversity and inclusion initiatives for over thirty years. Yet, until now there has been little Australian statistical research to prove the value of inclusion to Australian workplaces. DCA wanted to bridge this gap with a nationally representative survey to measure just how inclusive Australian workplaces are, and the impact that inclusion has on employees and Australian organisations. What we found was enlightening. This report provides the first national snapshot of experiences of inclusion by Australian workers and provides an undeniable evidence base for the importance of inclusion to Australian organisations. DCA-Suncorp’s Inclusion@Work Index shows once and for all that inclusion is more than just the latest buzzword in business circles. Inclusion is good for employees, good for business, and helps prevent discrimination and harassment. And in a world first – we found that the vast majority of Australian workers support workplaces taking action to be more inclusive. Inclusion at work matters, and ultimately benefits everyone.

Organizational Diversity
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Lisa Annese

Chief Executive Officer, Diversity Council Australia, Australia