Diversity and Teacher Empowerment

By: Nadine Hall  

Have you ever heard a comment between students that doesn’t feel right, but you don’t know what to say? For example, one student may ask another with Asian heritage to help them with math homework “because Asians are good at math,” or one student may comment to another “you throw like a girl” as an insult. These comments, formally referred to as microaggressions, can have a negative impact even if being hurtful was not the speaker’s intent. In today’s cultural climate of satirical news shows and volatile political debates, students often find themselves experimenting with the limits of what they can and can’t say to one another. As teachers, we overhear so much and we are not always sure of how best to intervene and the right thing to say. In this interactive workshop, teachers will learn to identify areas for intervention, practice scripts that use student-centered language, and develop confidence in their own abilities to help students navigate challenging interactions in healthy and positive ways. Teachers will also leave with resources to bring back to their own school communities to share with colleagues.

Professional Development, Teacher Training, Student Diversity, Inclusion Training
Education and Learning in a World of Difference
Workshop Presentation

Nadine Hall

Greenhills School

Nadine Hall is the Director of Diversity and Multicultural Programming at Greenhills School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is responsible for implementing diversity programming and creating a more inclusive curriculum. She has her Master’s in African American History and American Culture. Mrs. Hall is also a History and Social Studies Teacher working with students in grades 6 – 12.