Making Sense of Gender in the Ethiopian Agriculture Context

By: Kristie Drucza  

Gender is an experiment, especially when data is as scarce as it is in Ethiopia. A mixed method gender audit was completed of the Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research and this paper draws upon the capacity building results of the assessment. Development approaches to gender and development tend to rely on stand-alone training events. Using structured action theory and the theory of sensemaking this paper argues that a learning agenda, rather than a capacity building agenda is needed to build gender capacity within Ethiopia’s agriculture research institution. Scientists understand the approach of research but tend to see gender as a non-scientific topic. Engaging with sensemaking, action research and an institution wide learning agenda will help EIAR become a gender responsive organization, and in turn this will help the agriculture policies of Ethiopia to become more gender aware.

Organizational Diversity
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Kristie Drucza

research program manager, socio-economic, CIMMYT

Dr Drucza specializes in gender, diversity, inclusion and protection. She examines the inter-relationship between agency, norms and structures of power by using iterative, political and participatory processes.