Marginalization Within LGBTQ+ Communities

By: Kristin (K) Scherrer   Adjoa Robinson  

Attending to issues of diversity is foundational in higher education. Sexual orientation and gender identity are two important components of human diversity that helping professionals must be knowledgable about. Yet this presents a challenge for educators in regards to how to present information about these identities and do justice to the vast diversity of identities within these communities. In this review, I offer an overview of some of the identities that are often rendered invisible within discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity, with particular focus on bisexual, asexual, gender fluid, and gender queer identities. Example activities and resources to integrate diverse content on sexual orientation and gender identity into practice are provided.

Sexual Orientation
Identity and Belonging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Kristin (K) Scherrer

Metropolitan State University of Denver

K (Kristin) Scherrer, PhD, LCSW, MA, is an Associate Professor in the Social Work Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dr. Scherrer’s research and practice interests are in aging and the life course, families, and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer identities with the goal of informing social work practice.

Dr. Adjoa Robinson

Lecturer, Social Work, Metropolitan State University of Denver