Organizational Communications and Intercultural Communication

By: Veronica Appleton  

We define intercultural communication very broadly as communication between people from different countries, between people from different co-cultures within the same country, between people who vary in gender, age, religion, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, language, socio-economic class, or whose lives vary in other significant ways that bring about different cultural ways of seeing and interacting. At times, people perceive their intercultural interaction as intergroup rather than interpersonal. With this in mind, this interactive session will encourage students to acknowledge their biases, and examine the significance, nature, processes, contexts, and applications of intercultural communication.

culture, diversity, organizations
Organizational Diversity
Workshop Presentation

Veronica Appleton

Professor + Faculty Board Member, Committee on Contingent Faculty, College of Communications , DePaul University , United States
United States

Veronica Appleton is an Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Communications & Organizations Communications at DePaul University. Appleton is also a faculty board member on the DePaul Committee for Contingent Faculty. Her research interests in diversity and inclusion, organizational communications and organizational culture.