Bridging the Proverbial Gap Through Intergroup Dialogue

By: Ashley Onadele   Fernanda Perdomo Arciniegas  

A glimpse into the method of Intergroup Dialogue facilitation, this workshop will serve as a starting point for encouraging and initiating often difficult but necessary discourse among people or peoples of diverse identities including socioeconomic and immigration status, race and ethnicity, religion, gender and more. This workshop will briefly explain the Intergroup Dialogue Institute at San Jose State University in San Jose, CA, a presentation of the outcomes of the training on the participants as well as a “hands-on” opportunity to learn some of the same skills developed through the 4 day-long training offered at the University. Topics for the workshop will include how to create an environment conducive for dialogue (and the difference between dialogue and debate), exploring identities and inequalities, engaging with controversial issues and, finally, alliance building.

intercultural relations
Identity and Belonging
Workshop Presentation

Ashley Onadele

Executive Assistant/Program Manager, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, San Jose State University, United States
CA, United States

Executive Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer at San Jose State University and Program Manager for the same office, Ashley has been on campus for the better part of over a decade as both a student and now a staff member. Witnessing the changes to her community and nation as a whole, Ashley has turned her energy to a renewed passion in diversity work taking on the opportunity to present at Univeristy orientations, trainings and more.

Fernanda Perdomo Arciniegas

Deputy Diversity Officer, San Jose State University, United States
United States