San Diego State University’s Short-term International Program in Greece

By: Amanda Fuller   Chris Kjonaas  

Diversifying global education requires engaging underserved populations of students, offering innovative programming, and focusing study abroad curricula on global issues affecting diverse populations. Attendees will recognize the barriers to study abroad, learn best practices for developing programs geared for underserved students, and discuss the concepts of social justice and global stewardship as they relate to global education. Facilitators will present their case study, a service-learning program related to the Greek refugee crisis, as context for the session. The workshop structure begins with definition of terms and a large group discussion exploring barriers to global education and student mobility. Next, attendees brainstorm in small groups to identify critical components for diversifying global education and promoting global stewardship. Groups share with the larger audience. Facilitators provide an overview of SDSU’s short-term study abroad program in Chios, Greece, which includes a partnership with The Home Project, an organization supporting refugees and Greek communities, as well as pre-departure curriculum exploring refugee caravans along the U.S./Mexico border twenty miles south of SDSU. The goal of this hands-on volunteering experience and comparative context is to expose diverse students to the interconnectedness of the global refugee crisis and other critical issues and empower them as students and as global stewards. Facilitators will share results from their quantitative and qualitative assessment of participants’ cognitive gains, intrapersonal development, and interpersonal interactions from the program. The workshop concludes with the perspectives of two SDSU student panelists who recently completed the program in Chios, Greece.

Student-Mobility Social-Justice Global-Education
2019 Special Focus—Border Crossing Narratives: Learning from the Refugee Experience
Workshop Presentation

Amanda Fuller

Lecturer & Academic Coordinator , Division of Academic Engagement & Student Achievement / Rhetoric & Writing, San Diego State University, United States
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Chris Kjonaas

San Diego State University