Connecting the Pieces

By: Dale Park  

We are all diverse, created by dimensions of individual difference that connect and intersect. Diversity doesn’t exist in the “otherness” or “difference” of someone else, it exists in all of us to create our sense of belonging and our unique identity. The Connecting the Pieces film and Diversity Jigsaw resource articulate the dynamics of diversity and person centred care while also providing an accessible explanation of intersectionality. The Diversity Jigsaw illustrates the dimensions of individual difference that help shape each person’s identity and sense of belonging. It promotes them as assets and challenges people to remove deficit approaches to difference from their practice. This interactive workshop will demonstrate the value in implementing an intersectional approach when developing services and working with people to achieve social justice. It will build the capacity of participants to offer a truly person-centred service that understands and responds to the cultural history of individuals, the prejudice and exclusionary actions experienced and the breadth of clients' diversity, interests, preferences and needs. Participants will use the diversity jigsaw to consider how dimensions of individual difference intersect to build a person’s unique identity and sense of belonging.They will be supported to recognise and respond to potentially conflicting identities and the challenges that people can experience when reconciling these identities. They will work through questions that challenge them to reflect on their current practice and how to create an inclusive environment that supports, admires, appreciates and celebrates people’s identities.

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Identity and Belonging
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Mr. Dale Park

Regional Diversity Advisor, Aged and Disability Services, Eastern Sector Development Team, Australia
Victoria, Australia

I am a diversity and inclusion consultant, trainer and activist. I have worked across the private, public, not-for-profit and sports sectors where I have effected culture change by embedding diversity and inclusion principles within organisation policies and practices. I am passionate about changing the conversation around diversity by moving to an asset-based approach that recognises the value difference brings to organisations and communities.

I have created numerous diversity and inclusion resources and frameworks including:

Connecting the pieces

The inclusive service standards

Connecting through inclusive communication practices and

Building culturally inclusive social support groups.


I have been the Co-Convenor of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby for three years, successfully campaigning for improvements in LGBTIQ rights. In 2010 I successfully achieved a Master of Equality and Diversity from London Metropolitan University where my dissertation explored how questions of faith and sexual orientation figured in the experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual Muslims.