Trauma and Diversity

By: Maria Hydon  

Educational systems have welcomed and continue to serve refugees from diverse nations. It is our ethical responsibility to educate others on how to support refugee youth and their families in the educational system. Participants in this workshop will learn how to be flexible, inclusive, and responsive to the cultural needs of refugees. Specifically, participants will receive training on diversity as it relates to supporting refugee populations. Participants in this workshop will learn the importance of being culturally aware and sensitive when attempting to assist refugees who come from a culture or cultures other than their own. This workshop will also assist participants to develop certain personal and interpersonal awareness and certain elements of cultural competence, to provide cross-cultural and culturally responsive teaching. In addition, participants will learn of an evidence-based curriculum that is geared to support refugee youth who have been impacted by trauma. This type of curriculum is to be delivered in educational settings.

Trauma diversity inclusion
Education and Learning in a World of Difference
Workshop Presentation

Maria Hydon

Clinical Associate Professor , Suzanne Dowrak-Peck, School of Social Work , University of Southern California , United States
United States