Teachers’ Perceptions of Refugee Children in Greek Schools

By: Evmorfia Kipouropoulou  

This research explores primary school teachers’ perceptions of refugee children inclusion in Greek schools. More specifically, it focuses on how teachers construct their discourse while talking about refugee students and their intercultural competencies as agents of inclusion and social justice in the context of Inclusive pedagogy. This paper focuses on teachers’ discursive construction around the inclusion of refugee children in the Greek educational system, the intercultural communicative competencies that teachers have acquired through their professional development, and on the ways that teachers perceive social justice in the context of inclusive education. Teachers often blame the government for not being prepared and for its inability to educate and train teachers. Therefore, they feel insecure in dealing with the emerging multicultural environment and inclusion of refugee children in their classrooms, while they discuss the need to give refugee children equal educational opportunities. They also negotiate the term social justice as they try to define the context of inclusive education. Twenty-five interviews were conducted as part of this study. They have been interpreted using Critical Discourse Analysis as used by Νorman Fairclough, Robert Hodge, and Gunther Kress.

Inclusive Education, Intercultural Education, Teachers Professional Identity, Teaching and Teachers’ Education, Critical Discourse Analysis.
Education and Learning in a World of Difference
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Evmorfia Kipouropoulou

Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Primary Education, University of Western Macedonia, Greece, Greece

Evmorfia Kipouropoulou is currently an adjunct lecturer at the University of Western Macedonia, Greece. She has studied Philosophy and Education at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a master's degree and a PhD in Education with emphasis on Intercultural Education and Immigration. Her scientific work has been published in scientific journals and proceedings of international conferences. Her research interests are related to the construction of national identity, multiculturalism, inclusive education,teaching and teachers' education and discourse analysis.