Towards The Eradication Of Child Streetism Through Popular Culture In Calabar, Nigeria

By: Gloria Mayen Umukoro  

This study uses a qualitative approach to addresses child streetism in terms of popular culture as a means through which streetism can be eradicated in Calabar Metropolis. Popular culture is operationalized into entertainment, sports, and corporate branding. The objectives of the study are to reduce child streetism through entertainment, sports, and corporate branding that result from the Calabar Christmas Carnival. The ecological system theory by Urie Bronfenbrenner (1979) is used as the baseline theory for anchoring the subject matter. The study area is Calabar Metropolis under Calabar South 1 Senatorial District of Cross River State. The sample uses the Taro Yamene (1967) statistical estimation technique. Observation, interviews and textual analysis are used to elicit data for the study. Recommendations based on past empirical studies and the theoretical framework are shared.

Child streetism, Popular
Community Diversity and Governance
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Gloria Mayen Umukoro

Lecturer 1, Modern languages and Translation Studies, University of calabar, Nigeria