Diversity as an Outcome

By: Brittany Harris  

Organizations, institutions, and businesses across the globe have vowed their commitment and prioritization to diversity and inclusion in theory. In practice, prioritization of visible diversity traits through short-term recruitment investments have produced tokenism and revolving doors of talent in workplaces. The development of a clear theory of change for diversity and inclusion is a critical component of long-term, sustainable organizational transformation. Rooted in Systems Thinking and Logic Model Frameworks, this workshop offers a practical tool for developing a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) organizational theory of change continuously monitors the intended and unintended impacts of its tactics. Through a series of interactive small-group activities, participants will share professional insights, personal observations, and common challenges in organizational DEI work and co-create practices for 1) integrating DEI theory of change within organizations and 2) monitoring the impacts of those attempts at integration.

Social/Environmental-Justice Community-Development Workforce-Transformation
Organizational Diversity
Workshop Presentation

Brittany Harris

United States
Missouri, United States