Traumatized Bodies and #Activism

By: Anny Mogollón  

Body-positive activism professes to promote the acceptance of all bodies, no matter their shape. However, despite the fact that body-positive activism seeks to contest the shaming/repugnance of the “othered” fat body, it fails to fully articulate the complexities that arise when dealing with the fat body of color. Yesika Salgado and Gloria Lucas are two Latinx body-positive activists that have taken the platform of social media to contest the way that fat bodies of color are presented, treated, and viewed by society and the feminist movement. Through the photo-sharing platform of Instagram, these two intersectional women activists promote their message of inclusivity and resistance. Yesika Salgado is a Salvadoran-American poet whose collection of poems, entitled Corazon, voice the violence inherent in a society that rejects the fat body of color. Drawing on her personal experience as a fat Latinx she paints the trauma of living and loving in a society that both fetishes her body and seeks to repress it. Similarly, Gloria Lucas posits that upholding Eurocentric standards of beauty against women of color traumatizes the fat racialized body. Both Lucas and Salgado extrapolate on the intergenerational act of violence that occurs within and outside of Latinx communities as they have internalized these standards of beauty. By using the visually dependent platform of Instagram, they reclaim the space taken by the colonial tool of the camera, using it instead to promote the representation of body-positive images, ideas, and voices of women of color, including their own.

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Anny Mogollón