This Is Who We Are

By: Kathleen Mclean  

The facilitator will explore several frameworks on identity development with participants: People of color racial identity development (William Cross); Bi-racial identity development (W.S. Carlos Poston); White racial identity development (Janet E. Helms). The facilitator will share a professional documentary including several students of diverse backgrounds from her academic institution. The students share their gut-wrenching stories from K14 and beyond on how comments that were perceived to be harmless changed their academic pursuits to fit the lowered expectations by their teachers, advisers, and other personnel that worked with them in their formative years. This session will provide strategies on how to engage students of all identities to make them feel valued, included, and supported in the classroom and beyond.

Identity Development
Identity and Belonging
Innovation Case Studies

Kathleen Mclean

CEO, The Mclean Group, United States
NY, United States