Refugee Health Diplomacy

By: Rachel Boveja  

Global health professionals are a growing demographic which is predicted to increase in the next ten years. The refugee population also continues to rise and will need the assistance of global health professionals throughout their migration. This poster raises awareness about the current status of global migration and the need to provide culturally competent and diplomatic training for professionals working with refugees. Specifically, this research will present Syrian refugee perspectives regarding how global health professionals should be trained in order to provide culturally informed healthcare to this growing population. In addition, the poster will highlight the disparities in understanding between global health professionals and refugees, such as global health professional expectations and responsibilities within immigrant populations. Future recommendations including further development of refugee health education competencies, manuals, handbooks, and trainings will also be featured. Finally, recognizing both as transnational travelers, this poster will illustrate the importance of providing spaces for global health professionals and refugees to learn together during this unique journey.

Refugee Health Competency
2019 Special Focus—Border Crossing Narratives: Learning from the Refugee Experience
Poster/Exhibit Session

Rachel Boveja

United States
Indiana, United States

Rachel Boveja, M.S, CPC, is currently a doctoral candidate in the School of Public Health in the Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University. She has a background spanning the fields of public health, education, multicultural studies, curriculum, and instruction. Her interests include global health education and refugee health. Her backgound in public health includes developing family, community, and academic wellness programs and policies. Her background in global studies includes serving on refugee support networks as well as training health and medical professionals working around the world.