Learning from Women's Experience of Microaggressions

By: Pamela Hopkins   Sindri Anderson  

The session is based on Dr. Hopkins dissertation research on Women's Experiences of Micro Aggressive Acts: Meaning Making and Coping Strategies. Subtle, repeated events of prejudice and discrimination have become embedded in the fabric of many women’s lives. Women are subjected regularly to microaggressive acts across, not only gender, but also other dimensions of their identity such as class, age, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship status, ethnicity, race, and so on. The emotional toll of these microaggressions can be significant, and women often minimize and deny their impact, with consequences to their well-being and life outcomes. While the session uses gender and intersectionality for women as the lens into the personal and organizational experience of exclusion, it also contributes to multicultural discourse and to understanding the myriad ways that global work environments foster or undermine individuals’ ability to be all of who they are. Understanding this type of discrimination and its insidious effects will help all of us alter the forces in society that continue to marginalize individuals and communities. Underpinning this work is a belief that scholars and practitioners need radically new frameworks and levels of self-awareness to advance a just and equitable society. The session includes an interactive research review and discussion, an introduction to personal experience, and consideration of implications in organizations and the world - including the refugee/immigrant experience, addressing internalized oppression, and privilege-allyship. All are invited to consider how these insights will contribute to better professional practice and scholarship.

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Pamela Hopkins

Managing Partner, Founder, Enact Leadership

For the past 20+ years, Pamela has held both internal and external consulting positions in Human Resources Development spanning multiple industries includiing: high tech, financial services, retail, merchandising, biotech, consulting, higher education and healthcare. her expertise areas include: executive coaching, formal assessment centers, training and development programs, 360-degree processes (e.g. PDI, DDI, CCL), organization effectiveness solutions, succession planning initiatives, change management processes, leadership development eductation and meeting design/facilitation. Prior to co-founding Enact Global Consulting (now Enact Leadership), Pamela held leadership roles in a variety of oranizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, worldwide consulting corganizations to start-up ventures. By applying her business and line experiences in combination with her consulting expertise to real-world business challenges, Pamela brings an integrated approach to solving strategic issues facing her clients in today's dynamic environment. Pamela holds a Ph.D. from Fielding Graduate University in the School of Human & Organization Devleopment. She received her B.A. degree in Liberal Arts from Russell Sage college in New York and her M.A. degree in Educational Psychology from Rhode Island college in Rhode Island. She has participated in port-graduate work with National Training Lab in organizational development.

Sindri Anderson

Enact Leadership