Territorialization of the Capped Other Halves

By: Srija Brahmachary  

Partition of India was crafted in the western and eastern frontiers of the subcontinent during the independence from the British colonial rule. However a glare of negligence towards the eastern partition is evident from the narratives and discourses. The negligence has determined the fate of the region’s demography and thereby socio-political scenario. The present drive for registering legitimate citizens has pressurized the inhabitants to prove their citizenship through lineage. This paper elucidates the binary of a citizen and an unrecognized trans-border immigrant for the refugee married women. The subaltern experiences here are about being a prey to the systemic violence of identity crisis for women, who after being married are defined by the binary governed by patriarchal norms of the society and immigration laws of the state.

Refugee Identity Subaltern
2019 Special Focus—Border Crossing Narratives: Learning from the Refugee Experience
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Srija Brahmachary

Maharashtra, India

PhD candidate , Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai , India