Territorialization of the Capped Other Halves

By: Srija Brahmachary  

Partition of India was crafted in the western and eastern frontiers of the sub continent during the independence from the British colonial rule. However a glare of negligence towards the eastern partition is evident from the narratives and discourses. The negligence has determined the fate of the region’s demography and thereby socio-political scenario. The present drive for registering legitimate citizens has pressurized the inhabitants to prove their citizenship through lineage. This paper elucidates the binary of a citizen and an unrecognized trans-border immigrant for the refugee married women. The subaltern experiences here are about being a prey to the systemic violence of identity crisis for women, who after being married of, is defined by the binary governed by patriarchal norms of the society and immigration laws of the state.

Refugee Identity Subaltern
2019 Special Focus—Border Crossing Narratives: Learning from the Refugee Experience
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Srija Brahmachary

Maharashtra, India

My name is Srija and srija or srijan means creation. Believe me, I trying my best to create something unique to justify my name , but I am very hopeful though! When I was a little girl I wanted to become a teacher like my parents which is actually still my hope for my life. However I want to contribute to my discipline and thereby to my society for its good. I am compassionate and border lining perfectionist . I am not always up for hard work but I am very sincere when I begin any project. Music is my soul, I love Pink Flyod and Rabindra sangeet . I love cinema, I think Satyajit Ray is a gem. I am not an avid reader , I just finished Kafka's Metamorphosis , and I think its a mirror to the society. I do volunteer and love spending time with elderly and women. I am a cat person and so I can handle rejections and still exhibit integrity. My research interests are refugee and migration studies , conflict and violence, identity and social work . I graduated as a Msw which solely was my decision and I don't regret it even a bit. It has made me a better person, expanded my horizons and given me a platform to live for others. I believe that is the best feeling when you bring a smile to someone's face . My research interests are driven by my own identity as I am a 3rd generation war refugee living in India and thereby I am keen to know and document the stories and experiences of our grandparents. I am blessed with the most wonderful supervisor , Dr. Ruchi Sinha, who is more excited about my work than I am . We both hope to create something that will benefit the refugee crisis of the world even if in smallest of portion.