Inclusion of Social Justice and Diversity Content in Pre Departure to Maximize Student Learning Abroad

By: Carlise Wynne  

This session will stimulate conversation surrounding the intentional redesign of the curriculum in higher education to create global stewards rather than global citizens. This session will include a discussion of the characteristics of a global steward as well as how to integrate curricular elements that promote diversity and social justice concepts and empathy development to maximize student learning abroad. Research related to curricular redesign effectiveness will be included in the discussion as will examples of the social justice based curriculum. The ultimate goal of the curricular redesign is to promote critical thinking and equip students with the ability to be self-reflective in a global context so that they will become ethical decision-makers and leaders who possess a skill set that includes the application of social justice concepts as well as utilization of empathy for all people. Video and audio clips of student participants will be featured.

Diversity, Social Justice
Education and Learning in a World of Difference
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Carlise Wynne

Associate Director, Center for Global Engagement, University of North Georgia, United States
Ga, United States