Publishing Standards – Mission Impossible?

By: Andrej Blatnik  

According to the UNESCO definition, books are 'bound non-periodical publications having 49 or more pages'. US Postal service defines them as 'bound publication having 24 or more pages, at least 22 of which are printed and contain primary reading material, with advertising limited only to book announcements'. Is e-book not a book? And who is a publisher? Is Twitter a book publishing company? »I think it is. It is an open access publisher producing very short books,« says an important publishing professional. The present publishing theory could object. According to the conditions for publishers defined by Michael Bhaskar in The Content Machine (2013), tweets may be amplified, but they are not filtered by anyone else but their author and therefore, the traditional publishing standards are not applied to them. This study reviews these publishing standards – and if we should continue applying them.

Publishing, Publishing standards, Publishing theory, E-books
Publishing Practices: Past, Present, and Future
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Dr. Andrej Blatnik

Associate Professo, Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Slovenia
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Andrej Blatnik (1963) holds a PhD in communication studies. He teaches creative writing and book studies as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has published twelve books in Slovenia, including three books of theory, and over twenty abroad, in English, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Turkish, and Croatian. His short stories are included in numerous anthologies worldwide. Blatnik’s latest novel is Spremeni me (Change me, 2008) and latest collection of short stories Saj razumeš? (You Do Understand, 2009), published in English by Dalkey Archive Press in 2010. He won some major Slovenian literary awards. A list of his publications, along with some samples, is available at