Subtle-effect of Spiritual Books Depending on Their Author

By: Jayant Athavale  

Writing a book on spirituality is not as easy as writing books about the physical world. This is because the subject of spirituality is subtle in nature and therefore an author needs to access subtle-knowledge to write a spiritual book. Authors of spiritual books shape society’s perception about spirituality and how they practise.The team at the Maharshi University of Spirituality has thirty-seven years of spiritual research experience. The spiritual research team studied the process of writing books spirituality. Using aura and subtle-energy scanners along with the advanced sixth sense of its research team, an experiment was conducted to test the spiritual efficacy of the literary works of three categories of authors. It was observed that the book written by a Saint emitted highly positive subtle-vibrations. In contrast, books written by the other two categories of authors, an average person and a self-proclaimed spiritual guide, emitted negative subtle-vibrations. Further analysis revealed that both authors were affected by negative energies. These negative energies influenced how the two authors received subtle-knowledge. Most authors write spiritual books to gain fame and/or fortune. Due to such worldly motives, they do not gain access to Divine guidance. Subtle negative forces take advantage of the worldly ambitions of such authors and try to influence the author’s thoughts to misguide society through his book. Hence, it is recommended that spiritual books should only be written by Saints or under the guidance of a Saint underpinned by a strong foundation of spiritual practice.

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Jayant Athavale

His Holiness Dr, Research, Maharshi University of Spirituality, India
Goa, India

His Holiness Dr Athavale is a former world-renowned clinical hypnotherapist. His transition to fully devoting His life to Spirituality took place when some of His patients were cured by spiritual healing methods. This led Him to explore the field of Spirituality, and He learned of its ubiquitous effect on human life. Intensive spiritual practice under the Guidance of His Guru (His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj) enabled Him to develop a deep understanding of Spirituality. Combining His expertise in clinical hynotherapy with knowledge of Spirituality, He pioneered the Personality Defect Removal Process (PDR), which became the first step in an 8-step method (known as the Path of the Guru's Grace) for faster spiritual progress. Over the past 3 decades, He has conducted hundreds of spiritual research projects and written over 300 Holy texts on various subjects related to Spirituality. Approximately 7 million copies of these Holy texts have been sold in 15 languages. He founded the Maharshi University of Spirituality to teach the14 Vidyas (Sciences) and 64 Kalas (Art-forms) from a spiritual perspective and to help humanity gain access to spiritual practice methods for faster spiritual progress.