Emerging Trends of Translations

By: Saadia Bashir  

The world is jingle of languages. Language is very important aspect of human beings. There are thousands of languages in this world. Languages are not just identity of a person, group, and nations but also the source of knowledge. A nation’s knowledge transfers into another Nation through translations. Translation art in Urdu is near about three hundred years old. Translation in Urdu started from Royal society Kolkata and Fort William College. So far millions of pages have been translated into Urdu from other languages of the world. Translation is very difficult art. The translator has to face many problems during translation. The aim of this study is to map out the new trends of translation emphasizing Urdu. The purpose of this research is to consider major contribution of Urdu translators. To achieve these objectives mix methods of approach is use. The findings provide a baseline for future researcher and translations.

Urdu, Translation, Trends,
Reading, Writing, Literacy, and Learning
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Saadia Bashir