Removing Barriers to Access of Historical Serialized Fiction

By: Eric Willey   Jean MacDonald  

Scholars face numerous barriers in accessing works of serial literature published in historical newspapers. Newspaper itself is difficult to preserve, microfilm presents other barriers to use, and library catalogers rarely provide direct access points to individual articles in serials. This study discusses these difficulties and outlines how a collaboration between libraries and university presses could overcome many of these barriers, making these publications readily available to scholars and readers. Subject librarians have the expertise to identify likely sources and useful works and authors, and university presses have experience creating Open Educational Resources and promoting them to the academic community. The reissuance of serialized works in book form would allow catalogers to provide direct access to the works through bibliographic records and unique identifiers for authors, allowing for easier discovery in library catalogs. Ultimately, such projects could represent an additional facet to collaborations between libraries and university presses that would benefit scholars and help promote the use of serialized novels and similar works.

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Eric Willey

Interim Head of Cataloging and Acquisitions, Milner Library, Illinois State University, United States
United States

Jean MacDonald

Associate Professor, Research Services, Illinois State University, United States
IL, United States

I work as the Languages and Literature Librarian at Illinois State University.