Prehistory of Abiru and Medieval Libraries

By: Gilbert Ndahayo  

In medieval era, the concept of library is to preserve and teach history. The materials in libraries institute the key characters, events, and the topics that appear, in written, but highly in spoken languages. Unlike the Middle Ages in Europe, any study of the history of African libraries alluded to questions of Indigenous Knowledge. I interviewed some of the known Abiru descendants about the status of African libraries. The numerous discussions support and sustain the “in the heads” libraries thesis. For time immemorial, the African libraries existed in the “heads” of the guardian of the history. The existence of libraries in Africa cannot be understood, unless there is a nature and an evolution of identities of Africa, before, during and after the colonial period.

Africa, Medieval Libraries
Reading, Writing, Literacy, and Learning
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Gilbert Ndahayo

Graduate Student, School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Indiana University Bloomington, United States
United States