Indian Folk Arts and Commoditisation

By: Siddharth   Satyaki Roy  

We follow an analytical and discursive approach to study the cultural practice of Gond folk art tradition of India in present day commercial art market. We argue that market demand for traditional folk paintings sustains by imminent artists using different painting and display approaches. Using "thick description" method on creation of two Gond paintings, we examine the market friendliness and mass consumption of the art form, and the manifold interpretation and discourse such evolution produce. We also assert that though defined to an extent by business favourability, folk painting remains innovative and genuinely authentic in modern market settings. We first describe the making of folk paintings as observed, and then position the interpretation and characterisation of the observed phenomenon in social, historical, and economic contexts. The analysis is intuitive and analytical. We interpret the making of paintings as observed in a social context and assign the motivation and meaning making to this cultural practice.

Gond Art, Tradition, Indian Folk-arts, Representation, Image Making, Visual Arts
The Arts in Social, Political, and Community Life
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Mr. Siddharth

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Siddharth Singh is a Ph.D. student andteaching assistant in Design Programme atthe Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur,where he specialises in Visual Culture studiesand researches into documenting andanalysing diverse indigenous folk and tribalart forms of India. His work focuses on thecontemporary scenario and discern thenature of changes regarding the aestheticcontinuum of Folk/Tribal arts. He did hisMasters in Visual ethnographical andanthropological studies. He holds abachelor’s degree in Civil engineering andalong with studying art forms also practicesmaking illustrations, paintings and has heldexhibitions. He also works as a visual anduser experience designer for design firmscreating brand identities, designing books,posters, advertisements and providing designinterventions.

Dr. Satyaki Roy

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Jointly associated with the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Design Programme. Areas of interest includes folk art, film studies, visual communication