Seeing Not Looking

By: Anne Wilson  

I will present a video art work developed over seven days in a studio context. The work explores algorithms and identity through the lens of a drone camera. I started with the premise that feelings experienced while dancing cannot be measured as data. I hoped to frustrate the programming of an autonomous airborne drone camera by distinguishing between movement and emotions and to pitch man against the machine. Taking on the role of a dramaturge, I collaborated with the dancers and programmers in emphasising the push and pull between humans and algorithmic programmed machines. Initially I attempted to video views from the mind of a dancer, a mental process of remembering choreographic sequences, however this idea became subsumed by the presence and behaviour of the drone. It’s relentless seeing (not looking) triggered emotional exchange between the dancers, programmers, myself and the mechanical roaming eye. While editing a video with two dancers and one drone, a power struggle emerges caused by a one-sensor driven camera on the drone privileging one of two dancers to image. The dancers negotiate who was in frame, when and how to escape the frame. Dynamic emotionally charged exchanges evolved over five days – anger, playfulness, fear, love, and suspicion shaped each performance. My presentation will consider how the work crystalises relationships between human and artificial intelligence, at how we affect technology and how it affects us.

Video Art, Algorithms, A New Alphabet, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Realities
New Media, Technology and the Arts
Poster Session

Anne Wilson

Lecturer in Art and Performance, Arts and Education, Deakin University