Ludiek Actie

By: Chantal Hassard  

'Ludiek Actie: The Performative Nature of Paintbombs' is an artistic research project that reflects on fifty years of the Amsterdam squatters' movement as a means of resistance against growing inequality and inaccessible housing. The project investigates notions of object-based knowledge by tracing the creation and archiving of the paintbombs stored in the Staatsarchief (Dutch Squatter's archive) at the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam. Paintbombs were historically used by the Amsterdam squatters' movement in orchestrated actions against state authorities during eviction waves. The film traces the artist's research on the objects through the archives, historic footage, interviews and the making of new paintbombs to suggest the agency of paintbombs as both activist and artistic objects. Judith Butler's application of J. L Austin’s speech act theory to contemporary notions of performativity and social resistance from her 2014 lecture 'The Gesture as an Event' are mixed with original footage by the artist and archival footage explore the political impact of the Amsterdam Squatters' movement and paintbombs as associated non-violent objects of resistance. The gesture of throwing a paintbomb can be understood as a perlocutionary action resulting in a meaningful, intentional utterance.

Performativity, Social History, Paintbombs, Dutch Squatter's Movement, Artistic Research, Archive
2020 Special Focus - Against the Grain: Arts and the Crisis of Democracy
Creative Practice Showcase

Chantal Hassard

Graduate Student, Artistic Research, University of Amsterdam