By: Brad S. Chandler   Alba De Leon  

The Arts and Sciences have traditionally been on opposite sides of the educational spectrum. We have designed an exercise which combines the Biological Sciences and the Arts into BioArt, using biological media to create unique works of art. This approach targets our arts students and benefits both groups of students on our campus by blending the Arts and STEM to create a STEAM initiative on our campus.

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New Media, Technology and the Arts
Creative Practice Showcase

Brad S. Chandler

Professor of Biology, Biological Sciences, Alamo Colleges

I have been a Professorof Biology at Palo Alto college for the past 23+ years. Previously I worked as a Marine Biologist for the State of Texas and before that I taught various Biology lab courses at Texas State University-San Marcos. I married my beautiful wife 25 years ago and have two daughters in college.

Alba De Leon

Professor of Art, Alamo Colleges, United States
United States