Protecting the Artist from Political Correctness

By: Georger Miller  

This exhibit features 18x24 inch photo-poems addressing political and social issues including homophobia, racism, climate change, religious bigotry, and freedom of speech. Accompanying each photo-poem is a short essay explaining the piece. The artist will be on site to answer questions and during the run of the exhibit there will be at least four interactive sessions. The theme running through the event will be decline of freedom of speech due to well intentioned and not so well intentioned censorship. The art work can be display in many different manners, including on wall, on tables, and grid walls. As a poet and photographer, I fuse together intriguing images that invite discussion.

2020 Special Focus - Against the Grain: Arts and the Crisis of Democracy
Poster Session

Georger Miller

Professor, Philosophy, Lewis University, United States
United States